Metal Recycling

How It Works

1. Old Metal

The first step in the metal-recycling process is the collection of used metal to be recycled.

2. Sorting

At the metal recycling centre they are sorted and separated into different metal types.

3. Shredding

The separated metal is fed into a machine that cuts and shreds them into tiny pieces.

4. Melting

The shredded metal is transported to the furnaces where it is heated until it becomes molten metal. The molten metal is then poured into moulds to form ingots.

5. New Metal

Once the metal ingots have cooled and hardened, they are put into a machine that rolls them into flat sheets.

6. New Products

The new metal is then used to manufacture new products such as; building materials, piping, aluminium foil, appliances, cars, airplanes and ships.